Neuroptimal Brain Feedback

“Let the training speak for itself in terms of how the client’s life transforms:
Nothing more, Nothing Less.”

 Neurofeedback is EEG (electro-encephalogram) or a brain-wave biofeedback method first developed in the 1960s to assist the central nervous system in finding appropriate responses to mental stressors. Today this interactive, non-invasive software allows clinical psychologists to personalize brain training to the individual patient.

First, small sensors are placed on the forehead with a conductive pace to allow electrical energy from the brain to be read by the computer. This is typically done while the patient sits comfortably in a chair while watching moving colors and shapes and listening to soothing music. Next, the music is interrupting, cueing the brain that something is “wrong,” and sending signals to cue the brain to self-adjust and account for the sensory changes. As a result, the brain practices self-correction in a safe, comfortable, and controlled environment so that the next time it encounters something “wrong,” it can reset accordingly and with little difficulty.

NeurOptimal neurofeedback training is similar to athletic conditioning, the more practice your brain has at pulling itself out of a rut, the better equipped it will be to address real-world problems and instantly find solutions. Following this form of therapy, it is easier to achieve a more positive outlook on life, and everyday obstacles become much easier to resolve and overcome.

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What our clients are saying

Blum Counseling Group is proud to announce perfect 5-star reviews on Google and on our Facebook Page!

I am so incredibly glad I decided to seek out a therapist two years ago and that I was matched with Blum Counseling Group. Deborah has a special talent in being a great listener, empathetic to one's concerns, and delivering constructive advice that is very practical. I feel very safe and comfortable while opening up during a session and I always leave feeling a better sense of self. I attribute so much of my growth in my personal and professional life to my sessions with Deborah. If you have been thinking about seeking professional assistance, I highly recommend you to stop pondering about it and instead, just try out one session with Blum Counseling Group. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
Alexandra R.
I want to thank you all for the support that I got in my time of need. Thank you Blum Counseling.
Rafael Blatt
I have ADHD and did 10 sessions after deciding to let go of my medication. I never thought I could ever stop taking the medicine and manage on my own until I learned of Neuroptimal Feedback and gave it a try. Words can’t express how thankful I am that I found this therapy I never imagined could exist. I was so caught up in the thought of medicine being the only solution and I have managed to overcome so many symptoms of ADHD and withdrawal from the medication that affected my personal life. Shuli is an amazing counselor that really helped me through it she really cared about my wellbeing and my results and made me feel so at ease and home when I came for therapy. I now continue my therapy with counselor Deborah and am so happy to receive therapy from her too. Both therapists make an amazing team and I am glad I found them.
Jessica Zuluaga
Highly recommend. Easy to find location. Glad I came.
Gessie Labossiere