Marraige & Family Therapy

“Focus on what ties your family together and your family can never fall apart.” Unknown

When dinner table conversations turn into full-blown arguments lasting weeks or even months, or you are afraid of the impacts an impending divorce might have on your impressionable children, it may be time to consider family therapy. No family is perfect, so at Blum Counseling Group we will develop a specific treatment plan unique to your family’s situation. These one-on-one or group therapy sessions can help teach you the skills to deepen family connections or overcome stressful and debilitating times.

We are also pleased to offer couples’ or marriage counseling services through our Gottman Certified relationship counselor. In couples’ therapy, the focus is the relationship and couples should expect to focus both on self-awareness, awareness of their roles within their relationship, and, finally, self-improvement. 

Whether the goal is to explore areas of conflict or concern that may cause later difficulty or dissatisfaction in a marriage, discuss differences of opinion, personal values, and expectations of marriage, or simply work to improve communication and compatibility, we are happy to assist you in transforming your relationships for the better!

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What our clients are saying

Blum Counseling Group is proud to announce perfect 5-star reviews on Google and on our Facebook Page!

Deborah is an amazing clinician and her clients will be treated with the utmost compassion and expertise! Her ability to relate to and work with her clients is above and beyond!
Jennifer DArcangelo
Deborah Blum is the real deal when it comes to working with women and couples. She is fierce in her own personal work and it shows in the work she does within our community. I am honored to have her join our Revolutionary Group Private Practice and we look forward to continuing to work together to serve south Florida. Thank you Deborah for all that you do, everyday... to help women thrive instead of just survive.
Eva Burnett
One of the best investments I made for myself. Blum Counseling Group is a very safe and comfortable place to confide in. They are incredibly empathetic, patient, and they provide practical tools on changing one’s mindset to face any adversity. Their commitment to their clients is unparalleled. I have made very successful strides in my career and personal life since going to Blum Counseling Group. I highly suggest taking an interest in them!
Alexandra Rodriquez
You're amazing and EVERY Floridian as well as each member throughout the nation who needs mental health assistance deserves to have a Deborah Blum!! Keep up the great work and PLEASE don't ever change!!