Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

“Nothing in this world can torment you as much as your own thoughts.”

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a scientifically-backed method for the treatment of symptoms stemming from depression, anxiety, mood disorders, addictions, and inadequate sleep conditions. For those who prefer a more natural, non-medication centered course of treatment, CBT can help you become more aware of negative thought patterns and develop coping and self-soothing skills to combat these symptoms even before they begin. CBT focuses on helping you recognize and reverse the cognitive distortions that exacerbate feelings of anxiety or depression. If you find yourself catastrophizing, overgeneralizing, placing too much faith in unreliable people, minimizing your accomplishments, or jumping to conclusions too often, CBT might benefit you. 

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What our clients are saying

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Great environment and exercises. Debra makes you feel very comfortable when speaking to her and uses a lot of dynamic techniques to help. Highly recommended!
Jose J Moreno
I have found both my sessions with Debra and with Shuli to be incredibly helpful. Debra uses alternative modalities along with traditional psychology which keeps the sessions evolving and fresh. And my Neuro Optimal sessions with Shuli were so helpful in changing how I react and my sleep improved markedly. I would recommend this counseling for everyone.
Kate Glass
Have been very satisfied with the services, counselor very receptive and assertive. Have someone to listen with an positive attitude is in itself a healing. High kudos for the counselor.
Robert Grunglasse
Deborah is the best. Her practice is set up lovely and very comfortable. She has helped me immensely.
Matt Butler